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Becky here – with my artist hat on…. As an actor and producer one of my greatest hopes is that people will come see the show. And one of my greatest disappointments is when I hear that someone missed the show …because they couldn’t afford it.

Although there is no question that in order to keep creating new shows – tickets have to be sold…but it is also true that many,  if not all, of the theaters in the area offer PWYC nights.  Personally, I like to think that  it’s partially because we — the artists who create and who carry the sometimes earned moniker “starving” — know exactly what it feels like to miss a show you’d love to see due to a light wallet.

All this to say…we received the email below from a visitor to the theater.  And in response,  I think I can safely say…our Pay What You Can shows are here to stay!


Dear Ari and Patricia:

“Pay What You Can,” should be re-branded as, “Open to Humanity.”

That is my take away as being an appreciative and grateful recipient.

This past year, I have been in transition and last night was the second time I have taken advantage of the program.

Being a native New Yorker, basically a “Broadway Boy,” legitimate theatre is very important to me and my emotional makeup.

Venues like The Kennedy Center price people like me right out of the market and make it virtually impossible to enjoy the theatre.

“Pay What You Can,” provides opportunity and a sense of stability. I can be struggling financially at the time, but, I still get to be on even playing field and enjoy the theatre like my neighbor.

All because of the DC JCC. It’s powerful. And, I walk away feeling whole and like a participant in life.

Soon, I will land back on my feet and the first thing I will do is buy a season subscription as my way of saying, “Thank You.”

The program needs to continue as it serves a very valuable purpose and keeps folks connected to the performing arts.

Please forward this email onto the appropriate board members as they need to know how important of a program this truly is.

– Rich Moonblatt


One thought on “An email to TellAri

  1. Hello,

    I second that – please keep “pay-what-you-can”previews going. I too am struggling right now financially, and still having the opportunity because of such programs to go to the theatre is one of the key things that keeps my spirits up.
    I saw “Zero Hour”on Tuesday night and had a wonderful time, so glad I went.

    For those of us who can not at this time afford regular prices or subscriptions, thank you for having this program in place. It is much appreciated.


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