Jim Brochu’s Tribute To Zero

 Check out ZERO HOUR star and author Jim Brochu’s website for a tribute to Zero and some insight into how Jim personally came to know the great actor/artist/comedian.  A loving portrait on stage is given lovingly-wrought words in this homage.


One thought on “Jim Brochu’s Tribute To Zero

  1. theater and its magic
    so much can be created in a stage work
    like layers of lights, music, dance
    but oh the music is so important
    like when an actress or actor sings the melody
    it’s another dimension
    especially when the performer does it
    it creates character
    but of course the melodies written today do not have it
    they sink
    they’re stale
    some older musicals had it
    operas had it
    it was devine
    mahler had it in his first symphony, for example
    what beauty. real beauty
    greatness . . .

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