Forecast: Optimistic

What a wealth of blogging voices! In addition to the Theater J choir (Shirley, Becky and Ari), we’re linking up with the copious online presence of ZERO star Jim Brochu and  the inveterate blogging of Jim’s indomitable partner, artist-composer Steve Schalchlin.  Jim’s three websites (1, 2, 3) and Steve’s 18 volume epic of a blog will share news from DC from their perspectives — check out the fun behind-the-scenes pix.

The good news today was a great run-through of ZERO HOUR and a terrific piece in the Post Weekend section. It’s as though the new season suddenly became a reality today — a great set that fits the show and our space like a glove; a tour de force performance of a subject and material that resonates so topically and poignantly today — Favorite line of the run-through: “It’s ‘Social’ Security; not ‘Socialist Security!'”

Feeling good about a great many things as we enter previews Saturday night and look forward to our Season Sneak Preview and Town Hall Meeting on Monday night.

And lo and behold; i’ve just applied more links to 170 words than ever.  No wonder I’m so exhausted!  Looking forward to the start of another new campaign — let’s get out the votes!