In case you don’t have time to Google on your own

Becky here:

The longer I am here the more I realize that I spend a lot of time on the internet…between keeping our website as up to date as possible, writing emails, selling tickets, keeping up our Facebook (are you our friend?), tweeting on Twitter (follow us!), blogging (randomly), researching organizations, researching cameras for our foray into video (which will be even more internet funtime) and researching our incoming shows and that’s only supposed to be a small part of my job.

Which brings me to this…as I was scouring the internet for information on Jim Brochu…and by scouring what I actually mean is I typed “Jim Brochu” into google and then clicked and read and then back and then click and read…
Until I came upon the numerous You Tube delights out there…not only of Jim (some with a cat on his head..) but of Zero Mostel. I honestly couldn’t stop myself. Do you know how funny and talented both of these men are? Really – In all honesty.

And at this point – I would like to plead the fifth on how much of the work day was spent “researching”. Seriously I think that You Tube is it’s own Black Hole.

In any case, I will be sharing my research with the blog…on Facebook…on Twitter and I would love to hear what you think!

Below is a video of Jim getting ready for one of the last incarnations of Zero Hour. Enjoy!