A Week After Closing: Cape Cod Diary

Summer is divided this year into two 6 week segments. This week begins part two; post-Seagull; post-Seagull strike; post-Seagull debriefing, or which we’ve done much. And this week begins vacation for the artistic director with family in Falmouth, MA visiting friends, living in a lovely old house with a magical porch, reading for long stretches, tennis, writing, the Woods Hole Film Festival (last night saw WAITING FOR ARMAGEDDON, a frightening look at the fundamentalist Evangelical movement and its bizarre love-destruction relationship with the Holy Land (“love the Jews long enough till we convert them”), and there’s also the Cape Cod Theatre Project (two nights ago saw a wonderful reading of the up and coming local playwright making good on the national scene, Anna Ziegler, with her PHOTOGRAPH 51 about the 37 year old British Jewish physicist, Rosalind Franklin, who almost mastered the code to DNA ahead of Watson and Crick, only to have them more or less lift the insight and inspiration she had and appropriate as their own winning the Nobel Prize while she succumbed to ovarian cancer); a hearty, comfortable regimen here of culture, sunshine, relaxation, and Cape Cod splendor.

The work of the office roles on, Rebecca and Patricia back from vacation, Delia and Becky soon to go, Shirley and Tara taking off even later (I’m pretty certain), Naomi and Tom off now. Tis the season. For renewal.

We’ll be posting notice shortly about our Town Hall Meetings coming up at the end of August and the beginning of September. Perhaps we’ll even get some of the issues aired early on here. So look for that soon.

And who knows, maybe a Falmouth epiphany will make its way into a posting. We’ll see if inspiration strikes.