“Rise and Fall of Annie Hall” Closes and We Party All Night!

Oh, what fun we had!  Oh, what laughter we created!  Oh, how many tickets we sold? (About 4,750 give or take a couple dozen comps).  

Sam Forman’s play did so well for us and brought a stream of brand new theatergoers, and many (of course) younger audiences as well — or folks who like think of themselves as younger — or as I wound up saying, to myself more than once, even if we didn’t always play to a younger audience on this show, at least everyone left the theater feeling five years younger. 

After the final sold out performance, had the whole cast over to the house, together with some of the (younger) cast members from THE SEAGULL… Played music till 1 AM.  Went through 40 bottles of Rolling Rock, a huge pitcher of pina coladas, 4 pies from Trader Joe’s 3 hunks of brie, mangos and watermelon, then took the party outside to the yard — the cast (not a married member in the bunch) thought we lived in a mansion–cause we had a backyard–or something just as adorably appreciating as that.  It was a night rich with the bounty of good cheer, good energy, the good fortune of a successful run and a happy playwright joining us from nyc for the final performance which was (by all reports since I was busy setting up), a non-stop laugh riot.  As it should be.  Happy Closing!

And next… The SEAGULL diaries will begin.  Daily entries from the rehearsal room, from me, the cast, the company.  We’re feeling very good about a great first week of work.  So let us begin to really document what’s going on.  And we’ll see how well we fare in getting this bird to take wing… and hopefully soar.