from Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon

(in a recent comments section)

Dear Ari:
We applaud your decision to present Caryl Churchill’s beautiful, dense, elusive and productively provocative play, SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN: A Play for Gaza. Those who are disturbed by it – and we hope/pray that they’re at least as disturbed, if not much, much more disturbed by the consequences of the recent operation in Gaza – ought to come to performances and participate in discussions afterwards, rather than call for censoring the play or boycotting your remarkable, invaluable theater. Perhaps these people are too easily shocked. We’re more shocked, and for that matter more concerned about the damage to Israel’s reputation, by yesterday’s story in Ha’aretz, about IDF soldiers indiscriminately shooting Palestinians in Gaza and then celebrating civilian casualties and rape on commemorative T-shirts. Reading this news account in the Israeli press, we thought about the vengeful, dehumanizing and disturbing sentiments that explode at the end of Churchill’s play. Hard as it is, we need to hear such words, to face such appalling facts, to confront them, to understand where they come from and where they lead. And to learn how to change our collective direction. The theater is a proper and powerful forum for such a difficult and crucial project. So mazel tov for doing your job with courage.

Tony Kushner & Alisa Solomon


2 thoughts on “from Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon

  1. Tony and Alisa, who wrote/edited the great book of readings, “Wrestling with Zion,” once again hit it right on the head. When it comes to shock and grievance, better for the Jewish community to save our outrage for the real events which have transpired, rather than the journalistic and cultural reportings which make us look less pretty than we’d like.

    Wish I could be in the sold-out house at NYTW as well, when Tony and Alissa are jointly moderating…

  2. “The theater is a proper and powerful forum for such a difficult and crucial project.”

    Well said. No matter the opinion, it is at the confrontation of these ideas where understanding and healing begins.

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