From the Dean of Israeli Theater Scholars, Shimon Levy

Dear ari,

I have received SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN about two hours ago, and finished translating it into hebrew just now, indeed immediately upon “reading” it.

Since churchill’s “tell her,” a growingly gruesome repeated appeal, roves between the Hebrew “lesapper” and “lehagid,” I chose “lehagid” and will add a note in the forthcoming publication (if permission is – hopefully – granted). Also, “tell her” in hebrew needs to be qualified: singular? Plural? Masculine, feminine? This certainly adds to the (translated) Impact of this outstanding piece, that israelis need to read, hear, see. Moreover, in my translation I (lightly) touched upon some Hebrew Zionist cliches. You surely understand how important i believe this play to be, alas more for its potential haters than its few true appreciators. Israelis and jews, especially.

I highly value your initiative to expose the play, relate to churchill’s effective dramatic shifts in “points of view”, and discuss it.

Kol hakavod.

Warmest, shimon levy

Prof. Shimon Levy Ph.D.
Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel