From director Sinai Peter

Dear Ari

(Please,feel free to use my words and edit them as well)

I have a very painful argument with Ms. Churchill about boycotting Israel`s stages for so long. Her stand towards us- Israeli artists – is unexpected [corrected to UNACCEPTABLE–see comment].

BUT her play “7 Jewish kids” has such a moral value, and such an important role in attracting the attention of people all over the world towards the evil war in Gaza,that I feel that it is necessary to bring it to the Jewish people in the US.

I said it before on the stage of “The Accident” in theater J and I`ll repeat it :

It is our moral obligation to look at the faces of the hundreds of the innocent Gaza children who were killed during so many ” hit-and-run accidents” of theIsraeli recent war.
We have to look deep into our souls and realize:How did we become like that?
Churchill`s play deals with it. One can`t avoid it.

Theater J`s decision to read publicly the play is one of the necessary steps to begin the Tikun [repair] or at least- the discussion.

Yours sincerely

Sinai Peter


One thought on “From director Sinai Peter

  1. Thanks for giving me a voice in this open discussion.
    and SORRY,about my not-so-well English:
    I wanted to say that Churchill`s decision to boycott Israel`s theater stages is UNACCEPTABLE.

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