A Letter from Ariel Dorfman

Ari, dear friend:

You have my total support and, indeed, admiration, as you and Theater J present a reading of Caryl Churchill’s playlet. Never has it been more important than now to bring to the public transgressive works that disturb and provoke discussion. I applaud your determination not to bow to any sort of pressure. If anyone objects to what Caryl’s characters are saying or doing on stage, they can come to the reading and present their doubts. To try and suppress these words from being aired indicates a fear to listen to adversaries that, in itself, is today at the root of the everlasting and worsening crisis in the Middle East.

Please forgive me for not writing at greater length. I hope you have a reading that opens minds and expands the heart.

Cordially, as ever,

Ariel Dorfman