We’re in American Theatre Magazine again this month

We close THE ACCIDENT today as we’re going out on a big high with last night’s sold out house and more wall-to-wall crowds today. This is succeeding exactly the way we want to; on a strong, meaty play with wonderful collaborators; an audience of diverse ages and backgrounds, all actively engaged in a play of relationships, ideas, and strong theatrical style, and we end making some good money too! Why can’t life always be this way? Even as we deal with depressing, real-life subject matter? This is when art becomes really fun — we take the true crap of our lives and transform it into elevating expression. A father and daughter struggle and then cry on the phone separated by thousands of miles. And the audience is moved. The video flickers. The music swells. Applause. Thunderous ovation. Good times.

Here’s a link to the full text of Rick Stein’s nice piece on our production in this month’s American Theatre Magazine. We were in the mag last month with HONEY BROWN EYES. Rick’s second article about a Voices From a Changing Middle East festival play makes us proud. Happy Accident.