PANGS in Chicago

Check out this radio feature — an interview with playwright Motti Lerner done in Chicago in advance of the opening of PANGS OF THE MESSIAH at the Silk Road Theatre Company. Listen to the feature here (which includes an excerpt from the play).

Motti Lerner is an Israeli playwright and writer of the play Pangs of the Messiah. It’s about the eviction of Jewish settlers from the west bank after a peace agreement is signed in the year 2012.

The Silk Road Theater Project will present Pangs of the Messiah, here in Chicago, from March 19th to May 10th.  The play focuses on a religious family that finds itself torn between fighting to stay in their settlement and obeying their government’s decision to dismantle it.

Actor Bernie Beck plays Rabbi Shmuel Berger, the father and husband of one of the families targeted for removal from their West Bank Settlement as part of the peace agreement. And actor Susan Adler plays the role of Rabbi Berger’s wife Amalia.

Worldview spoke with Motti, Bernie and Amalia recently about the politics of the play and the internal process each went through to bring the play to life. And Motti Lerner told Worldview how Pangs of the Messiah came to be.