25 Days – Our Latest Video for THE ACCIDENT

Here, the great David Goldenberg creates a video-log of our rehearsal process from early rehearsals to previews on the stage, as discuss the show at the table, get it up on its feet, move into tech and then refine it on a stage. What a brilliant, moving image tribute to the actors, designers, crew, and of course, to our wonderful director, Sinai Peter, who oversees every phase of this process. Our theater has never looked more dynamic, more passionate, more professional (even as we bounce from rehearsal space to rehearsal space in the building!). Isn’t it wonderful?

If we want to see more videos, we’re gonna have to raise some money to make more of them happen. We’ve got brilliant discussions captured on tape, and more interviews with performers, audience members, and scenes from the show to share. Any underwriters reading this? Write me at arirothdc@aol.com if you’d like to see more videos of Theater J in motion, in discussion, in thoughtful engagement with the issues of our times.