Terrific Notices and interviews too!

Check out all THE ACCIDENT reviews on the press page of our website, and appreciate this wonderful profile on both our playwrights, Hillel Mitelpunkt and Motti Lerner.

Our favorite written response comes from a great gentleman of the theater, and our dear friend and resident director Nick Olcott who writes:

This play is flat-out brilliant. It is a perfectly realized tragedy. Everyone’s shameful actions are fully human, disturbingly understandable, and completely inevitable.

And the modernity of the tragedy is breathtaking — no one is undone. Their lives go on as before. Oedipus doesn’t need to blind himself — he was blind from the start.

I described it to Michael Tolaydo as a cross between “Crime and Punishment” and “Heartbreak House”. Our comfortable lives have become our crime and simultaneously our punishment.

Brilliant play, superb production.

I haven’t stopped thinking about it.