Performance Breakthrough!

Stephen or Shirley — or both — will be blogging about last night’s amazing panel that followed preview #2 of THE ACCIDENT. I’m here to tell you that our production turned a corner last night in front of another crowd of 125 — another youthful crowd, and how glad are we to be skewing younger after the octogenarian set that came to Bikel! The pulling back on a number of projections — now used much more wisely and discreetly — the patience, modesty and ultimately, powerful sophistication of the design now properly complements a play that needed time to sink into the performers’ bones rhythmically — last night they found their key spots and moments with audience — and it will only grow from here. The play functions as metaphor, entertainment, political indictment, vision of hope, ironic provocation, and ripping good sexual folly narrative. How’s that for a bollix of elements?

Or as Andy Shallal said on the panel last night, moved, impressed, agitated, and driven to utter candor (when isn’t he?): “It’s the perfect Peace Cafe play.”

And it’s more than that too!

Happy opening weekend, Washington!