After Last Night’s First Preview – On Stage with the Author

125 took in the first public performance of THE ACCIDENT — average pay-what-you-can ticket price: $6.81. Which is very much par for the course. The run grew stronger and stronger in its hold on the audience. That’s better than getting weaker and weaker, no? We’re in pretty good shape, working to lighten up the show tonally in that first act and invite the audience in a bit better.

Here’s a tiny technical adjustment how we’ll do that: don’t have the hazer visibly (and audibly) billowing plumes of haze during the first 90 seconds of dialogue. That, my friends, was a mistake. We’ll adjust. And so it goes, throughout.

The Ambassador of Israel, the honorable Sallai Meridor, came last night and stayed through the post-show discussion. There he heard our wonderfully animated author, Hillel Mitelpunkt, give this most remarkable observation about his characters on stage, and his country in general:

“If you have problems in your politics, they will follow you into the bedroom.”

And isn’t that true–and visa versa–the world over?