“It’s a shame to awake in a world of pain, What does it mean when a war has taken over?”

As we prepare for our final ETHICS AND WAR reading, it’s my pleasure to post the thoughts of our artistic collaborator, Artistic Director of Journeymen Theater Company, Deborah Kirby.

“Over the last several months it has been my distinct pleasure to work along side some pretty amazing folks due to the Ethics and War reading series. I have been so impressed with the staff over at Theater J as well as with the folks that stepped forward to help from Journeymen Theater! And how wonderful to get these 3 amazing pieces performed by such talented actors. This has been a pleasure for me artistically.

But I will admit that it is our panelists who have truly inspired me and evoked responses in me that I didn’t see coming. I have had to face my own complacency in action versus what I speak with my mouth. I have always abhorred the thought of war and have never understood how we could ever justify killing someone. The sixth commandment makes it pretty clear that we are not to murder anyone. But what have I done to try to stop what is going on? When has my voice been heard in protest? Am I really that self-consumed? Am I really that complacent?

Hard to look in this mirror I will admit. It takes a lot of focus and will to start and run a theater company. Can I not turn some of that focus and energy on protesting a war that I think is wrong? Is it always someone else’s issue? After listening to these plays and the stories of those who have worked hard to right injustices I hope that I can take small steps in changing my own path. And hopefully those folks who have come to the readings will join me so that there are continually more and more people who are making steps towards change.”