Celebrate Your Country, Fight For Your Theater

The new dramas begin today

and continue 

and continue.

Read Shirley’s great posting below to get a sense of what our theater is fighting for – this month, and beyond.  Vote by being a part; by taking part; in the art; in the discussion of it; in the transformation of our audience.  Next up for us: A Thursday night, POST-ELECTION PEACE CAFE at 9:30 PM after the 7:30 performance of HONEY BROWN EYES, our beautiful, wrenching, inspiring play about war and reconciliation in the face of abject brutality.  Our Thursday night talk-backs and Peace Cafes are FREE, like the Sunday discussions, where art is triggering the deepest kinds of discussions about activism, intervention, protest, otherness, neighborliness; in short, the best kind of discourse to be had after witnessing a society in the throes of becoming undone.  It could be ours soon, or next.  Except that hope arrived.  We made the change. Now what are we going to do next?  What are we going to deal with?  Face up to?  Engage with?  How will we translate the hope into health?  

Celebrate your country.  Fight for your theater.  Be a part of our Peace Cafes.  Come once, come often.  

Be moved and be a mover.