More Ink, More Readings

This photo appeared in this week’s Dupont Current (from photographer Bill Petros–who attended our Water-Boarding reading)

An image from our Depositions on Water-Boarding Reading
An image from our Depositions on Water-Boarding Reading: CUA student Jason Burke reacts as a detainee to the actions of actress/activist Marietta Hedges’ interrogator.

Join us this evening for our second Ethics and War Reading:
Monday November 3 at 7:30pm at Church Street Theater (1742 Church Street NW):
By Daniel Berrigan
Directed by Rahaleh Nassri

Based on transcripts of a historical event, Daniel Berrigan adapted this play from the edited transcript of his trial—along with his brother Rev. Philip Berrigan and seven others—for removing records from a Selective Service office and burning them to protest the Vietnam War. After they were convicted and sentenced, Berrigan memorialized the trial in this award-winning play, first produced at the Mark Taper Forum in 1972 and later made into a feature film. The New York Times described the play as “positively riveting.”

Jerry Whiddon* as Daniel Berrigan
Michael Willis* as Philip Berrigan
James Flanagan* as David Darst
Jon Reynolds as John Hogan
Scott Hamilton Westerman as Thomas Lewis
Tiffany Fillmore* as Marjorie Melville
Michael Kramer*as Thomas Melville
Jason McCool as George Mische
Elizabeth Richards* as Mary Moylan
Ian LeValley* as Defense
John Dow* as Judge
Clinton Brandhagen* as Prosecution
Laura Gianarelli* as Witness