The Reviews Are Off The Hook!

Okay, that’s slang but the feelings are effervescent (which is decidedly not slang) and we’re really proud of our playwright and the production which is so wonderfully brought to life by our director, creative team and superb ensemble. Check out the press page on our website right here or, if you prefer, here’s a quick list of the raves that have come out over the past 24 hours. It’s a pretty unique event in the life of a new American play, that such a consensus should form around a brand new work presented in such a powerful production. Check out:

The Washington Times

The DC Examiner

The DCist

– A feature/interview in the Washington Post Express

– A great piece in the Washington City Paper

– The Washington Jewish Week

Getting the point? The play’s a knock out. So go, already!


One thought on “The Reviews Are Off The Hook!

  1. Yasher Koach! Honey Brown Eyes is an amazing play, not only for its complex, multiple views but also–equally–for the performances of these skilled actors and actresses. The enacted violence is never threatening to the audience but does convey implicit pain and havoc. Theatre J once more lives up to its formidable reputation in D.C.

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