Left “Hate” vs. Right Hate – A Rosh Hashanah Symphony

As WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING evolved over its record-breaking run at Theater J (and yes, alas, we closed on Sunday, 9/28), it was clear that Sandra wanted to move beyond the characterization of her show as a “Palin Hate Fest.” With the Jewish New Year beckoning and the month of Elul winding down, Sandra was quick to offer “a Mishabeirach for Sarah Palin” – A Get-Well Prayer and a wish that Sarah return to health and happiness with her family… in Alaska. Sandra, more than ever, dressed her “let’s duke it out” riffs in the cloak of performance and the over-riding message she sent audiences home with was one of love, one of transformation, one of “flicking the switch on fear and cynicism” and making a strong choice for change, for light. This was the nuance of her “lefty belligerence.” She said some provocative things–she traded in and sent up stereotypes–but her overriding message was one of accepting all colors and varieties of human beings; even Republicans. Those who continue to characterize her as hateful weren’t there to see the act. A fuller understanding of the performer and performance required returning to the theater once the show had opened, as Sandra refined the act through the run and throughout the controversy, so as to make herself, her critique, and her message more clear. The longer it ran, the more successful the run and the word-of-mouth. Hence, the record-breaking attendance; because at its root, Sandra was speaking to our terrible moment in history and addressing it with vigor, candor, indignation, and, ultimately, hope. Don’t believe me? Ask around.

“Did she tame the show down?” “I was expecting much worse!”
These were the kind of comments I consistently fielded from theater goers over the last 10 days. The nuances were more refined. The performer zeroing in ever more precisely on her target. Enough said. If WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING was a hate fest, we stand by it as a nuanced interlude of outrage.

Contrast that with what I’m about to paste for you. It’s a Cantata of The Excerpted Rage of the Right; a litany of comments sent in over the past 10 days. You’ll see that we’ve started posting some of the more thoughtful–and a few of the downright nasty responses in our “comments” section after their respective postings.

A - David Duke Welcome

What I’m about to copy below is the product, mostly, I believe, of the posting on DavidDuke.com’s White Supermacist site. It’s rough stuff. It’s our country talking back to a Jewish Theater. Read it and weep. Shana Tova – Happy Jewish New Year. Let us pray.

* * *

>>from Carmen

Mr. Roth,
You are an enabler of what is wrong with the word right now. Gee I guess you would also say that thet terrorist who bombed the WTC were also “edgy” and “express free speech”!!! It’s anger such as Sandra exhibited that is at the foundation of such violent acts done by such groups. “Taxi Driver” gave the idea to a real John Hinckley. Keep it up Sandra and if anything should be done to any of the candidates by some nut, we will know one of the places where they got the idea!

>> from: jew hater
6 million down one more to go sandra is a evil jewis send her to the gas chamber

>>from jew hater (again)
kill jews america cant use them

>>from MHW
Sandra B justifies her obscenity laden hate speech inpart, by claiming that Gov Palin “…forced the victims of violent crime to pay for their own rape kits.”
This claim has been thoroughly debunked by multiple sources. For example see the liberal Slate website post at:
In short, the State of Alaska, like other States, tries to collect the cost of this kind of service from insurance companies.

>>from Bill
Jewish racist bigot bastards. Lucky to be living in America. The dykey Bernhard is jealous of everything that Palin is- Christian, intelligent, beautiful, married with 5 kids and not some skanked out liberal moron who KNOWS she can rant about Christians but a Christian “comic” would make headlines if done about Jews. The media “Jew-saturates” us already like Israel is the 51st state of the Union. Do I hate Israel? No. Do I think they get ridiculous coverage? Yes. Do I think they are our “buddies” so much more worth covering than everyone else? No. Only due to HUGE financial influence on campaigns and a “generally” Jewish run media and Hollyweird is this so. WE ALL KNOW IT. Sandra? Get the dildo out again you dildo. To the “Jewish Supremacists” get on your knees being so thankful you live in a nation that does not kick you out or kill you. I know many good solid Jewish citizens. You guys, along with the “yenta” Bernhard are not one of them. Wonder if Bernhard would be “sexy” enough for black men in NYC to even look at to rape( her racist thoughts about blacks in reality.) Oy VEY. The hypocrisy. Now run back to your segregated neighborhoods and PRETEND you are liberal. Fakes.

>>from John
Bernhard is herself a Zionist bitch. To hell with her and the rest of you devils that pretend to be human. God cast Satan from heaven and down to earth where he took human form and now calls himself a Zionist. A pile of shit is still a pile of shit.

>>from Goy
Sandra thanks for exposing your anti-gentile and anti-christian hatred for all to see. Thanks for showing to the US audience how your jew kind virulently hate white christian America. It’s so refreshing. Deep breath…….ahhhhhhh.
Your hair and face look crappy too.

>>from dennon percle
white people we r gunna die out an i dont feel sorry for us we did it to our self y we aint got unity becouse u crackers are to fucking stupid to realize to stop feeding niggers in africa with aids and start buying tanks to blow up ghettos blacks need to realize they r not slaves aint been slaves for over a hundred years and they dont have one black slave alive whites where slaves too where is my reparations?

>>from dennon percle (again!)
racist jews love blacks so much its wrong in this country every one can make fun of (Krackers) but we cant say nigger on tv or in school ive been called a cracker at thibodaux high school in louisiana and when i called the black guy a nigger i got written up an sent to the office but black boy got a slap on the wrist racist sob

>>from goysrule
Watch the video again. Now substitutes the word ‘goy’ with the word ‘kike’. Substitute the word ’shiksa’ with the word ‘heeb’. Would you be offended? Yes you f***ing would and if it was a ‘goy’ actor or comedian putting those words in place they would be out of a career the second they walked off the stage. That’s one thing your co-religionists are good at. Making double standards the standard throughout the whole media.

>>from David Duke
http://www.davidduke.com | info50@davidduke.com |
Sandra Bernhard Reveals Anti-Gentilism!
By David Duke (read on here)

>>from rewe
“0 responses so far” my ass. You lovers of elbow-snapping and hate speech are practicing censorship and are too cowardly to admit it here.

>>from eric
that has got to be the ugliest creature i have ever seen in my life.how is it that jews are always whining about anti-semitism,which by the way semite includes anyone of middle eastern descent but yet strangely wasn’t this audience mostly jewish that was roaring with laughter at anti-gentile ,anti-white and demeaning comments towards blacks apparently alot of people don’t practice what they preach

>>from John Ellis
jackellisdd@gmail.com |
This is a thoroughly vulgar, abusive, insulting and down right stupid performance by this completely talentless woman. One does not have to vote for Mrs. Palin to show her some respect and refrain from gutter language that would not be tolerated in the lowest sailer bar.
Sadly, this horrible performance will be used by anti Semites in American and all over the world to confirm the worst negative stereotypes of Jewish people.
Just as decent Italian Americans need to /have often policed the bad, criminal Italian Mafia elements in our country, the American Jewish community needs to reign in and publicly rebuke this horrible Jewess “Comedian” Sandra Bernhart.
As the great American, Jewish American song writer Irving Berlin was wrote:
God bless America
And God help America in these very difficult times with such horrible women like Sandra Bernhart and their enablers.

>>from moses
she is very anti christian and racist, she sounds like a zionist jewish nazi, this wasnt funny, what she said about palin woz pure evil and nasty, sandra is a racist bitch.

>>from Peter Wilpstein
HAHAHAHA…racist Jewish supremacists are soooo funny?!?!
What a disgusting, filthy women. And using racial epithets to describe non-Jews, like Shiksa?
Shiksa – “non-believing” (non-Jewish) whore.

Double standards. That’s all we ever get from you people

* * *

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