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Sandra Bernhard writes about the current controversy surrounding a particular segment in her new show:

“That comment is part of a much larger, nuanced, and yes, provocative (that’s what I do) piece from my show about racism, freedom, women’s rights, and the extreme views of Governor Sarah Palin—a woman who doesn’t believe that other women should have the right to choose, even in cases of rape or incest; a woman whose administration forced the victims of violent crime to pay for their own rape kits. Women deserve better. I certainly wish Governor Palin no harm—I’d just like her to explain to me how she can hold such outrageous views…and then go back to Alaska.”

– Sandra Bernhard


17 thoughts on “About this blog – And a Statement from Sandra

  1. First off did you do any research on Palin at all? Obviously not. You read way too many left wing feminist blogs with misinformation that they give you just enough of the truth for you to twist it. I think your performance was disgusting and I think women like you who have nothing but hateful and disgusting things to say are threatened by a woman who is smart, beautiful and is a conservative. I’m a conservative democrat. I left the party recently because people like you pervert it. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk and you cannot stand it. She is pro life and has said that she won’t push that agenda on anyone. As for charging for rape kits that was debunked
    She chose to have a Down syndrome baby and what does she get?
    South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler sharply attacked Sarah Palin today, saying John McCain had chosen a running mate ” whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”
    You know if a conservative said half the things that Hollywood or democrats say, what do you think would happen? There would be a public outcry because the main stream media would have it all over the place. But you can others can say vicious things and get away with it.
    How very enlightening.
    It’s really sad because I loved you Hudson Hawk. I don’t think I can watch that now because all I can hear is that hateful rant.

  2. “When Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped
    by some of Sandra’s big black brothers, she’s being provocative, combative, humorous,
    and yes, let’s allow, disgusting.”

    Would you defend someone who said:
    “… [I’m] warning Michelle Obama not to come into the South lest she get gang-raped by some of my big white redneck brothers…”

    Would you consider that a nuanced and provocative discussion about racism, freedom, and women’s rights? Or wouldn’t that just be naked hatred and bigotry?

    I hope your show draws flies but in NYC it’ll probably do quite well. Maybe you should take it on the road and bring it south. Assumin g you don’t mind being gang-raped. Opps – nuanced provocation again?

  3. sandra you tell it like it is and it’s fucking awesome, it is behind my comprehension how this woman thinks… I wish her no harm as well, but after seeing a man break into my home at 12 years old try and rape my mother, rape my mothers best friend, and 47 other women on long island… well. I guess that about says it. She’s delusional.
    Thanks, keep on keepin it real…

  4. Ms. Bernhard, I admit that the only part of your performance that I viewed was your tirade regarding Ms. Palin that is posted on this blog, so I really have no basis to comment on your show or your message as a whole. In that short clip, though, what really got my attention was the absolute irony of your indignation toward Palin’s (goy-ish) reference to “your” Old Testament (your words, not mine; my own goy-ish understanding was that it is offensive to Jews to refer to the Torah as the “Old Testament” ), when it appears that you have no knowledge or understanding of the Scriptures. Clearly, if you did, you would have to find another way to make a living. “My” Bible says,
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7

  5. Oh Sandra! You have your own views about things right? You like to spew your disgusting bile at your audiences in hopes they see your point or at least think about it, no? That’s ok for you, but no one else. I have seen Palin say several times these are her personal views. Iam not Dem or Repub. I am a free thinker and I realize my opinion means nothing as I do not have a stage or soap box to spew vomit from. I am not an idiot I like all types of comedy especially the cutting edge, I do have an open mind! Lenny Bruce Richard. Pryor. Carrot Top!
    Menacia etc…(haha) but being hateful is and violent is plain stupid. Even Bill Mahr (pussy) would agree. You know at home while you are watching on your big screen TV with your Lesbo harem and black horse dick servants is one thing, but in front of people it’s just better to keep your muff muncher shut on certain things.
    Do not try to confuse me with embellishments, emphasis or plain old bullshit (remember you can not bullshit a bullshitter). Sometimes it is better not to say anything. But I guess you needed some headlines just like the drunken lesbo whore Lindsay Lohan( I bet you’d like a piece of that!) but really when you have “all’ the facts “straight” not what your spin masters give you and maybe you have actually talked to people in person or have had some dealings with them then maybe you can get your black horse dick servants together for a good ol’ Gay Manhattan Gang Rape…oh please apologize, this thinly veiled back track statement is unacceptable.


  6. Now I see why Hitler had such a following. With racist comments from a Jewish theater like thos from Bernhard. Why can’t I call you kikes when words like goyish are used in your place? Is calling you folks big nosed, purple, money loving, Christ killers acceptible provocation for you? This helps me see why Jews have been hunted down in nearly every place for thousands of years. But, please understand the nuance. I mean no harm to Jews or anyone. But don’t you like my provacative statements. It’s what I do. How do you like that.
    Perhaps some black guys should rape Ms. Bernhard. I mean her no harm but wonder why she thinks black men rape white women. Now I know why blacks and Jews hate each other.
    You people are racists and confirm that liberals are hateful. Shame on you.
    And by the way, read your Old Testament. Don’t just claim it. If you read it, you would see that you are under judgement for such evil and hard hearts.
    All of the above must be inderstood in its nuanced whole. I mean no harm.

  7. I am saddened that the Community Center feels it necessary to air a show that spews hatred at another human being for her beliefs. Though I believe in a woman’s “right to choose,” I find abortion to be a personally repugnant form of birth control… and yes, in many cases it is just that.
    I respect Sarah Palin for standing up for her beliefs. What kind of humor would bad-mouthing this woman produce? It’s not funny!

  8. I loved the distasteful vile performance by Sandra. It only goes to bring more hatred and lack of respect for the left wing Jews who hate America. Bravo. Bring on more.

  9. Wow. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time, but this is too much. You complain about her intolerance.. yet you insist the punishment for her is sexual assault by your ‘big black brothers’. Where is your tolerance?

    At the very least, this statement shows an ironic lack of tolerance on ‘your’ behalf, and at the most, dignifies a profane stereotype of black men and demeans the serious horror of rape victims.

    That’s too much hatred, Ms. Bernhard, and Governor Palin – as much as you may disagree with her politically – does not deserve it. There is real evil out there, and Israel is precariously close to being destroyed; and though I too, may have my differences with Gov. Palin on certain domestic issues.. I’ve no doubt that she, if elected, will do everything in her power to stand with Israel against her enemies.

    Please give that some thought. Shalom.

  10. Wow Sandra! You ARE capable of decent language. I find your “provacative” style to be very offensive and vulgar (and not befitting a Jewish woman). As for women’s right to “choose,” I agree (sort of). Women have the right to choose whether or not to have sexual relations (how about proper birth control). Women, show some intelligence, class and respect for yourselves! We should not allow ourselves to be irresponsible! When we do get pregnant (even through rape), do the right thing. DO NOT ORDER A “HIT” ON YOUR UNBORN CHILD! Abortion is a barbaric assault on women and children. Why don’t pro-abortion advocates fight for more humane methods of killing the unborn? They just cannot admit that the fetus is a human baby capable of feeling pain. Sandra, I am praying for you. Sincerely, Sandy J

  11. Decent Jewish Americans must be shocked and appaled
    with this kind of vicious and almost violent hateful
    language towards Gentiles and Christians.

  12. Sandra B justifies her obscenity laden hate speech inpart, by claiming that Gov Palin “…forced the victims of violent crime to pay for their own rape kits.”

    This claim has been thoroughly debunked by multiple sources. For example see the liberal Slate website post at:


    In short, the State of Alaska, like other States, tries to collect the cost of this kind of service from insurance companies.

  13. I wrote you all a letter at the theater that I was surprised you even let Sandra Bernhard perform. The fact that this is a Jewish theater only adds more fuel to the fire. Sandra’s explanation of her comments on this site mean nothing to me. It’s all just a rationalization.

    To actively promote Sandra Bernhard after her vile, violent, sexist and racist rant on Sarah Palin is to part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

    As a woman, I find this promotion offensive. I would encourage Theater J not to invite Sandra back.

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