Right Wing Culture & Media Institute Upset with Wash Post Review of Jewish Community/Gay and Lesbian/Government Funded Presentation of Profane Sandra Bernhard

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HEADLINE: Profane Palin Hate, Unfit for Publication? WaPo ‘Washes In Most Happily’

SUBHEADER:  Please remember episodes like this when the Left (and its subset, The Washington Post) stands up and says that “hate speech” from the right is a terrible problem.

By Tim Graham
Media Research Center
September 12, 2008

The Washington Post takes up anger-spewing leftist Sandra Bernhard Friday, and explains the sheer joy of watching her unload venom on Sarah Palin. Theatre reviewer Peter Marks [1] began his review on the front page of the Style section: “No one does angry funnier than Sandra Bernhard. So when she turns her chainsaw wrath on the Republicans’ new media magnet, Sarah Palin, the trash talk is so witheringly foul it feels as if it’s been fired in a furnace of pure, unadulterated rage.”

She also promised the Post she’d call Cindy McCain a “Barbie doll hooker.” [2] Is Bernhard truly the funniest with an “acid reflex,” as the headline quipped? From the one example Marks provided, someone who doesn’t reflexively hate Gov. Palin might beg to differ:

After Bernhard declares in the D.C. Jewish Community Center that if Palin were to step onto her Manhattan turf, “I’ll tear her apart like a Wise natural kosher chicken,” the explosive laugh derives as much from the sneering vehemence of her delivery as the idea of the evangelical Christian candidate as kosher poultry. (Not to mix beefy metaphors, but judging from the raucous response in the Goldman Theater, a partisan audience seems primed right now for this kind of confrontational red meat.)”

Declaring the Post’s liberal bona fides, Marks proclaims that Bernhard is hilarious, that he plays like a kid in a lawn sprinkler in her profane attacks on the GOP’s first female vice-presidential nominee, but he can’t reprint the vast majority of it…”

(To read the rest of the critique, click here)

“…Please remember episodes like this when the Left (and its subset, The Washington Post) stands up and says that “hate speech” from the right is a terrible problem. A bisexual comedian can stand up in a Jewish community center and mock a heterosexual conservative Christian woman in unprintable rage, and no one is summoning a “human rights commission.” They’re bathing in the rage.

The Post left out that the Thursday “hate speech” party included discounted tickets that included a post-show Bernhard reception for the D.C. Jewish Community Center’s Gay and Lesbian Outreach and Engagement program. It also left out that it was….(sigh)….government-subsidized: [3]

“This engagement of Sandra Bernhard is a DC Performing Arts Presenters Initiative project, which is made possible through funding by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program.”

Tim Graham is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center.

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9 thoughts on “Right Wing Culture & Media Institute Upset with Wash Post Review of Jewish Community/Gay and Lesbian/Government Funded Presentation of Profane Sandra Bernhard

  1. Wow, did these folks participate in Palin’s “book burning” up in Wassila? Why is it that conservative fundamentalists can spew forth with invective, but brand political comment, let alone satire, from more liberal minds as hate-filled and bound to corrupt the hearts and minds of “the American people,” most of whom they neither know or represent? Gracious, do you mean to tell me that there were gays and lesbians in the audience on Saturday evening, for which, by the way, we paid full price? Guess we know where the heads of the Media Research folks are . . . up their collective butts. We thoroughly enjoyed Sandra’s schtick, but I guess that we agree with her central point of view. Maybe they would like it better if Sandra spoke in tongues. Have been recommending to all of our friends.

  2. I have LOVED this woman since she first appeared – eons ago, so why does she still look so good?! – and I went with a friend Saturday night. I also knew nothing about this so-called “block” and paid full price for my tickets. The Washington Post hasn’t been a proud liberal rag since the ’70’s, honey – have you not been reading it during the Bush admin? They would have tarred and FEATHered Clinton had he done one SIXTEENTH of what this guy has gotten away with!! I don’t go to Republican bigot fests, so don’t go to Sandra if you can’t appreciate her – but don’t act like she has to PAY an audience to applaud. These people (McCain and his “hottest governor” VP) are a MENACE to the future of the country and the WORLD, so spare me the righteous indignation because Sandra exercises her free speech rights. The show was FABulous. As far as I was concerned, she could have said more bad things about Pa-in & it would only have been better. So there.

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  4. Wow, what is like to be such hip angry jewish intellects ? oh i forogt u guys were the nerdy ugly jewish kids at my high school that your only way to feel good was to pulll down those who were prettier and more popular.
    So u studied probably became unhappy lawyers and doctors . Couldn’t hold steady relationships so you became lesbian and probalby had your share of abortions. I understand why your hero is Sandra Bernhard.
    So make sure you take your depression medication and go see her. She will make you feel better about yourself and pull down a nice woman who actualy cares about her family.
    i am sure 100% of you would have aborted your kid if you knew he had down syndrome.
    You have such sad lives.

  5. Rape is NOT funny whoever is promoting it.

    Violence against women is on the rise.

    Ms.Bernhard is promoting both hatred and violence against women.

    Ms.Bernhard is harming women to promote a political agenda.

  6. Sandra Bernhard engaged in hate speech. Healthy debate of issues is great. Vulgar attacks are uncalled for, even in the guise of humor. I am disappointed that God’s chosen ones would allow such vulgarity. I suggest that the DCJCC administration re-read the book of Proverbs. Or is its wisdom out-dated?

  7. yeah right honora you and your facist kind only approve of free speech when it agrees with your pathetic sick marxist agenda to condemn anything white or western civilization.actually that no talent sick freak just exposed how mentally sick and evil you media goons are.oh yeah i forgot this beast was in character therefore it wasn’t hate speech ,i totally missed the nuance of her performance stfu you sick racist freak.that moronic media critic only indites himself as an anti-gentile ,anti -white hate monger every time he opens his vile mouth.

  8. Wow, you are obviously insane John. Go take your meds and turn up Rush. You obviously have serious Jewish envy going on.

  9. Hey dykefest. Why did you pull my response? You don’t like free-speech? Bernhard is a wacked out jerk whom called for blacks to rape Palin( again, showing Jewish racism as well as anti-Christian views) as you LIVE IN YOUR SEGREGATED AREAS and pretend you are liberal… from a distance that is. Jewish groups call for the invasion of America to “diversify” it but NO CALL FOR DIVERSIFICATION OF ISRAEL. A Racist, bigoted show that just makes us go for McCain/Palin more you fake-ass liberal jerks who would crap in your pants if you saw 5 blacks in a dark alley. FAKES.

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