More Raves for Sandra (amid the controversy)


Sandra Bernhard’s “Without You I’m Nothing” (To 9/28) is not for sissies, the light of heart and anyone happy with the current state of dumbing down America in a crucial election year. In her brilliant one-woman-does-is-all show, she defies any one category of entertaiment as she belts out cabaret and rock and roll with gusto while delivering lethal commentary on modern culture and the current political situation. Theater J is the first stop of her worldwide 20th anniversary tour of her career launching show of 1988. But the topics are literally ripped from the headlines. Bernhard is irreverent, outrageous…yet we know she speaks the truth that needs to be heard about our current political quicksand. Accompanied by her awesome band, the Rebellious Jezebels, this is serious stuff delivered with sizzling wit by a master and well seasoned performer.

-(Reviewed by Celia Sharpe)


5 thoughts on “More Raves for Sandra (amid the controversy)

  1. Hey Sandra,
    Don’t come here to Puerto Rico I’ll get some of my Papi’s together and maybe gang rape your ugly lesbo ass! you think that’s funny? provacative? it’s stupid. And your stupid! Hey good for you though you got yourself back in the headlines…you dumb kike bitch.

  2. you don’t have have to post that comment, cause I know you are a bunch of pussy’s over there and only want things one sided. It is a beautiful thing!

  3. You elitist morons are doing McCain and Palin an enormous favor. Wait until Fox gets hold of this and the fact that taxpayers are funding it! (I know none of you watch O’Riley and the rest, but millions do.) This sort of stuff may play well in your snobby Washington DC circles, but it will cost OBama millions of votes.

  4. As a fellow “Flintite” or Flintstone, or Flintonian whatever people from Flint, Michigan are known as, I truly enjoyed Sandra’s performance. i did not think for one moment that it was too controversial for Theater “J” or for any other local production. Her show is indeed current and it is what one would expect and hope for in a modern production. Her talents shine and I am certain the vast majority of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show. I do not hesitate for one instant to recomment this production to others. It is also true that we need more “Sandras” to point out the inconsistencies posited by the RNC.

  5. I saw Sandra’s show this past Sunday (3:30 show) and loved it! I’m 21 and have been a fan of Sandra’s for years and have seen her live 3 times. She’s always on the cutting edge and doesn’t mince words…that’s what her fans love about her. She’s original and innovative and I can’t wait to see her again.

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