Finally, a comment on the blog – Read and respond!

Sandra’s mantra is “Don’t Shut Up – Be Loud and Be Proud.”  Let’s all take a bit of that inspiration and start talking back to each other! Grateful for this comment on one of our weekend postings. Let’s hear from more of you!


10 thoughts on “Finally, a comment on the blog – Read and respond!

  1. I thought the show was an embarrassment: unformed, unfunny and sloppy. I saw the original, and I can’t believe she would give this show the same name. They are unrelated.

    There is a problem when “stars” become so self-absorbed that they think their thoughts or stream of consciousness ramblings are interesting and/or entertaining; they are not. That’s what I felt like I was witnessing: someone trying out material for a group of friends—not a fully developed show. There was no thread of cohesion, only a mess of words and thoughts that never came together. There was no message, no art, very little that was funny. That wasn’t the “old” Sandra Bernhard who was sharp, clever and bright. Who stole her?

    I wish I wouldn’t have gone. No one wants to see the shadow of someone’s once brilliant self. I hope she makes a return…

  2. I agree. First David and now this …. I took five of my fellow Hadassah members and I couldn’t believe all the profanity that came out of her big mouth. You didn’t prepare us (your subscribers) well enough. You didn’t do your job and all 5 of us will be cancelling our subscriptions.

  3. Honora // September 16, 2008 at 3:45 pm (edit)

    I have LOVED this woman since she first appeared – eons ago, so why does she still look so good?! – and I went with a friend Saturday night. I also knew nothing about this so-called “block” and paid full price for my tickets. The Washington Post hasn’t been a proud liberal rag since the ’70’s, honey – have you not been reading it during the Bush admin? They would have tarred and FEATHered Clinton had he done one SIXTEENTH of what this guy has gotten away with!! I don’t go to Republican bigot fests, so don’t go to Sandra if you can’t appreciate her – but don’t act like she has to PAY an audience to applaud. These people (McCain and his “hottest governor” VP) are a MENACE to the future of the country and the WORLD, so spare me the righteous indignation because Sandra exercises her free speech rights. The show was FABulous. As far as I was concerned, she could have said more bad things about Pa-in & it would only have been better. So there.

  4. We first tried to reach Renee at her aol address but it seems not to be working – and we can’t find a Renee in our subscriber database who matches that email address. So, given the huge ticket sales spike we’ve been enjoying since opening, I figure it’s only fair to let Renee’s anger linger on our site. “First ‘DAVID,'” she writes, “and now this!” As if DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT were a similar kind of political cabaret? Cuss Festival? Equally unsuccessful piece of drek? That must be it. It seems we’ve disappointed Renee and 4 other subscribers first with a very Jewish biblical musical with an ambitious heart and loads of craftsmanship. And now we go and shock them with Sandra and her “big mouth.” Of course, we want Renee and her friends to stick around and not take their subscriptions home with them, especially since our subscription season hasn’t even officially begun yet! WITHOUT YOU I’M NOTHING was a Special Event Add On; an Extra for subscribers. We knew this show wasn’t and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but was designed to bring in many new audience members and make some important statements about the (Jewish) theater’s ability to mix it up, arouse and vent emotion, and tell a few rock n roll stories in the process. Did we not do a thorough enough job of warning ticket buyers in advance that Sandra was rough and tough stuff? Weren’t there advisories on our website and in our literature? There were some; and there’s more there now.

    Look, we want to please most everyone who comes to us as we strive to present superb theater that provokes thought and emotion and also — when it’s not confronting and accosting the viewer — gently moves and inspires. So we want those Hadassah women around; we want them for Theo Bikel and for Voices From a Changing Middle East, and Honey Brown Eyes, and The Seagull on 16th — it’s a great season for a great many folk. But, in truth, we don’t want subscribers if they’re going to talk about our work in such disparaging ways and, more importantly, feel so badly about the work we’re aspiring to share. To hate DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT and then hate SANDRA for such totally different reasons; well, let them hate and then let them go. That’s another instinct I have to share. We’d rather change the audience than change the nature of the art. Sure, we should strive to always be creating better art — neither DAVID nor SANDRA is a perfect piece yet. So we needn’t be defensive in the face of criticism. A huge number of audience members are thrilled with this residency; thrilled that we’ve been able to share Sandra with DC. We’ll hear from more of them, I hope.

    Let’s hope Renee gives us a call at the office. Or leaves a correct contact number so that we can talk about ways of remedying their distress. I think there are. I think we’re a theater worth sticking around for. But the brush-back from this provocative show does come out of the blue. We’re grateful to hear the truth.

  5. Sandra is Sandra…Either you get her or you don’t. For my taste, not so much, but I thing the Gang Rape Comment to be so accepted so easily by everyone is a chilling thought. If Some comedian made a Joke abot Michelle Obama being GANG RAPED ,it would be lead story everywhere, and you would see a race war break out. What happened when Micheal Richard’s used the N word…….For days the outrage. Just goes to show you the HATRED on the left and that the MSM is ignoring it, tells me race relations are being set back 50 yrs all due to barry and michelle my belle. Repubs have screwed things royaly in many areas, but , you would never ever hear this comment come out from them. Good luck all cause if barry wins, were screwed, and if he don’t they will claim racism, and I’m afraid all hell will break loose………Godspeed all, Were gonna need it

  6. I know precisely what is going on here: Sandra’s career has evaporated and she is using schtick like this to try and ressurect it. Tsk tsk. It’s sad watching someone who was once in the limelight struggle and scrape as they try everything and anything they can think of to keep at least some miniscule portion of that light on themselves.

    Sad really. Ah well…I am sure this too shall pass. Thankfully.

    Annapolis, Maryland

  7. Lets get this thought straight ,

    so as to what the writer is stating that as long as a writer , comedian or person is in a Role or charactor of sorts then none of there words matter. So if a actor is playing a Nazi and spews hatred for jews and wishes that one of thier leaders to be gang raped then its all just in being in role and not to be taken seriously.

    alright then with such thinking , lets make sure that this center and all others that have gone after Rap, movies , comedians, actors and people who perhaps in a Charactor and give apologies for assuming they were wishing harm and hurt to those affected.

    and when the writer says ” even some democrats were offended” thats showing how limited your thinking is.

    Peter O

  8. I must live a very shelter life!! And thanks goodness I do….if that is the best that my Jewish relatives have to offer to the world….it certainly isn’t religion. How can that kind of mentality and obvious hatred promote any peace. I’m beginning to think we are no better than the muslims…

  9. Mr. Roth,
    You are an enabler of what is wrong with the word right now. Gee I guess you would also say that thet terrorist who bombed the WTC were also “edgy” and “express free speech”!!! It’s anger such as Sandra exhibited that is at the foundation of such violent acts done by such groups. “Taxi Driver” gave the idea to a real John Hinckley. Keep it up Sandra and if anything should be done to any of the candidates by some nut, we will know one of the places where they got the idea!

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