We got what we needed: “Bernhard’s Acid Reflex”

.Bernhard douses politics, '80s fads and celebrity culture with her trademark acid wit in

Read this review in this morning’s Washington Post.  Peter Marks likes it dark, this we know.   And Sandra delivers. (Is it any surprise?)  Sandra’s quite wonderful. And we’re gonna be quite happy with this first notice. Doesn’t she look amazing in this pic? There’s a whole story of how we got it – How Stan Barouh nailed it. He got it during the show itself. From the cabaret seats in the front row. We got the shot by playing it loose, by being patient and waiting for a second round of shots after the pre-show set-ups got us close but not quite there–and not quite in that costume. We’ll be posting more soon.

Now we can go to bed happy. And wake up the same.