“Off-The-Hook!” Sandra Opens and She is Wild!

Okay, we’ve got five minutes before we need to get changed for opening. We had one preview, last night — Insane! Crazy! Vital! Vituperative! Sandra Kicked Sarah Palin’s Ass! Sandra snapped Cindy McCain twig! Sandra beat poor Joe Lieberman to a pulp! And she sang and strutted and was razor sharp and full of brand new pages — reading from a music stand — can you dig Sandra Bernhard using our stage for brand new material — a work-in-progress, evolving before our eyes — just the way we like it!?   How cool is that?  And then she gets rid of the music stand and prances.  All is right.

Guess what? Some people are going to freak out at this show. They’ll hear Rage and LANGUAGE and Attitude and ROCK AND ROLL and they’ll wonder what happened to their Jewish Community Center. But we’ve been rocking this joint from time to time for more than a decade now — David Mamet went “up the ass with gun and camera” a year ago in SPEED-THE-PLOW and nobody batted an eye. We had Mamet swearing like a sailor long before–we had me swearing like a sailor, until I started behaving, a little.   I love that Sandra doesn’t. She’s a great guest to have around and she’s sweet as hell to my Sophie and we’re enjoying having her in our midst. But she takes no freakin’ prisoners on our stage — she’s lays waste and plays rough and it is a sight to behold. Are we ready for some football?

There are lots of civil, upstanding citizens from the community coming tonight. What kind of shanda are we going to perpetrate?  Nothing worse than what’s going on in front of our eyes on the national political scene, our Diva’s going to demonstrate. We can’t wait. And yes, we’re bracing ourselves as well.  The show is insane.  Or it was last night.  We’ll see how tonight changes. Last night was free form. Inspired jazz. And two hours long! Tonight?  It’ll be less.  I think.

All bets are off.  We got company coming!  Quick, set the table!   Comb your hair.  Shave!

See ya later…