Sandra Starts Tonight! We’re Psyched!

We’re totally into this — What a right way to get ourselves launched! And what a great way to shake up the town! Sandra promises to come in and not only kick some Administration ass; she’s preparing to do the same to the Jewish community in bed with the evangelicals in love with Israel – let’s see what she does with Israel Lovers for McCain; Hilary Lovers for Sarah; Change Lovers for Republicans. This could be some fun!

We love the team — the band (the Rebellious Jezeblels), under the direction of longtime Sandra collaborator, Mitch Kaplan, sound great — the songs, yes a number of them that you know and love from the original — are in perfect shape. Wanna hear some of ’em in their older iteration? Click here!

The show’s at 8. We’ve got a rush preview price for last minute dawdlers, but tix are a MOVING FAST! Which is always fun.

And you wanna know the irony? It’s a musical. Another god-forsaken musical and don’t they just rip your heart out? And aren’t they so wonderful and memorable. We love music on our stage. Music should always be present in the theater–even when there isn’t singing or instruments–then the dialogue must have melody, and the actors must provide the musicality in their speech. The ear should be aware of beauty in the sacred space. That’s what I come away whistling this morning, so excited to have Sandra walk into our shop in, oh, a couple hours. It’s gonna be quite a day.

And just like that, we open for the press tomorrow!

Fasten your seat belts!