Meet the Bloggers: Becky Peters

Becky Peters is a recognizable face around Theater J.  You may recognize her from Pangs of the Messiah or Sleeping Arrangements (she will also be appearing next season in The Accident).  She has also appeared off the stage as a very talented and helpful House Manager and Box Office Associate.  It makes complete sense for her to be joining on full time now as the new Marketing Associate.  She is taking over some of the aspects of my job (webmaster, group sales, and outreach) as well as gaining a few more responsibilities as we grow our marketing department.  Becky coming on full time makes me even sadder about leaving, it would have been great fun to work in the office with her.

Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself:
Where did you grow up? How did you first get involved in theater?

I was born in NY but at age 5 we moved to NC where we jumped around a bit — I believe the last count was 22 houses — before landing in Marietta, GA when I started high school.  And nope I am not a military kid…but the daughter of a much sought after computer programmer.  My parents have stayed put since then but I have added quite a few more moves taking me through 4 more states and 8 houses.  Whew — I think I am done for a while. 

As far as theatre…I think I have been performing my whole life. At age 3 I told my parents I was going to be Spiderman when I grew up but that might have been an excuse to climb the walls.  I started dancing at age 5 and my first theatre ‘gig’ was at camp around 10 years old when I played Annie in a few scenes- due to my curly hair.  I have been hooked ever since.  
Tell Us a Little About Us:
What was the first show you saw at Theater J? What have you worked on with Theater J? What do you think is unique about Theater J’s audience?

I have had the great pleasure of being able to play on stage with Theater J in both Sleeping Arrangements  and Pangs of the Messiah along with a couple Tea at Two readings.  Additionally,  I was just hired to play Tami in The Accident which is bringing back one of my favorite directors (Sinai Peter who directed Pangs last season) and I just learned that the cast is filled with people who I absolutely love working with so it’s going to be a complete joy!

There are many wonderful things that come to mind about the J audience but two that ring loudly for me are:  their intelligence and wonderful sense of humor.  After every performance of Pangs of the Messiah we had talk backs and it was incredible what I learned by just listening to the compassion, knowledge and enthusiasm that the audience brought to each and every discussion.  
Random Stuff:
Favorite Jewish playwright (or play)? Show you are most excited about next year?

First let me say that although I have read a lot of plays it’s not a habit of mine to know their heritage so I had to wikipedia this answer and I was completely surprised that some my favorite playwrights are Jewish!  I love it — new things every day!  So the short list that I narrowed it down to are: Motti Lerner(!), Tony Kushner, Donald Marguiles, Arthur Miller, Wendy Wasserstein and Alfred Uhry….and the more I am reading the more I want to add but I will keep you wanting more. 

What I am excited about next year?  Besides The Accident… I have to say there are quite a few that I am intrigued by.  I am a long time Woody Allen fan so The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall already has me hooked and then I am curious about Ari’s adaptation of Seagull (due to my college turn as Masha) and finally Dai is one I have been wanting to see for quite sometime.  So in essence I would blatantly suggest that season tickets are a really good idea (if you don’t have them already)!