Out with the old, in with the new

Hannah here. As Ari mentioned in his post a week or so ago, I am leaving Theater J after 5 long and wonderful years to pursue a MFA in Dramaturgy from Columbia University.  I have a week left at my desk. A week left surrounded by the mementos of the shows I’ve worked on from Wendy Wasserstein’s Welcome to My Rash and Third to my baby, The Dybbuk to the recent David in Shadow and Light. I am excited though to be leaving this desk, this office and this theater in capable and passionate hands.  It’s very sad for me to look at the season listing and know that I won’t be here to help make the next year amazing but I have no doubt that the shows will be amazing.

Over the next couple of days, I will be posting little web-interviews with the three people who will be joining Ari on this blog as I back away. Two of them Shirley Serotsky and Becky Peters will be taking over my jobs and one, Alexander Strain is this year’s Artistic Associate-in-Residence.