Greetings from Spain – A Quick Recap of Israel

Hi Friends,

Spent most of last week in the north of Israel at Kfar Blum, just where the Dan and the Hatzpani River meet up to form the Jordan. My nephew Miko did an outstanding job as a young bar-mitzvah leading the service, bringing Israelis and North American family and friends together. His mom and dad put together an amazing week of unique tour spots up north, including a day long outing with Friends of the Earth Middle East which is engaged in a trilateral effort to clean up the Jordan. Jeep tour of the Upper Golan Heights, touring the artist colony of Ein Hod, the British detention center of Atlit where my mother came as an orphan on Youth Aliyah in 1945, and the Ben Shemen Youth Village where she spent almost two years with her sister.  A beautiful history retold and fascinating stuff.

Also attended a day long conference on the revisionist Zionist and Jewish Militia organizer Hillel Kook, subject of the play THE ACCOMPLICES by Bernard Weinraub which I’ve written about and we’re still considering for production one day. Professionally, had important meetings at the Cameri Theater about PLONTER and with Hillel Mitelpunt and director Sinai Peter on THE ACCIDENT. He’s accepted 90% of the proposed script edits we’ve proposed and we’ve done some great cuts as well, while really learning so much more about the play and exploring the personal politics of the drama… Really enjoying that collaboration, now more than ever. And thrilled that we’ve got such a superb cast to announce for THE ACCIDENT with Jen Mendenhall, Paul Morella, Becky Peters and Jenna Sokolowski joining Michael Tolaydo. Really a great group, and all of them in love with their director, Sinai, who’s so much fun to dig down deep with.

Well, the meter’s running out here in Javea and it’s our anniversary (mine and Kate’s), as well as the end of the Theater J fiscal year. Anyone wanna donate a present? Be well, all…