We’ve Closed – Off to Israel – As We Welcome New Staff

Some very moving days and nights here… Leaving for Israel shortly. Meetings with the Cameri later this week, and with THE ACCIDENT team, including playwright Hillel Mitelpunkt, composer Hannah Hakohen, and director Sinai Peter who’s still here in DC now auditioning; we’ll be continuing our conversations next week. I will write a little from overseas, as has been my wont, but i won’t write excessively. it’s summer, for crying out loud.

So i turn our blog over to Hannah Hessel, our outgoing Literary Director in charge of on line communication as well, and she’ll be doing some introductory interviews with new staff as well as our wonderful Associate Artist in Residence for the season, Alexander Strain.

So I leave tonight with wonderful memories from our final show (so beautifully sung; so revealing as to what next steps want to be taken), as well as our great cast party at Hank’s, and last night’s beautiful memorial celebration for Bill Hamlin. It was wonderful to have the radio and theater community congregated in our theater, paying joyful homage to the wonderful gentleman Biil. A nice closure to the season…