Final DAVID Weekend – And the Encomiums Keep Coming In

Dear Ari:
After reading the Post’s review, I came to “David” expecting to disappointed. Instead I was delighted. The production is a risky, hugely ambitious endeavor, which mostly succeeds. I may be prejudiced, since I am studying the story of David and Saul right now. I wonder if those who only have vague Sunday school memories of the tale can follow the play. The biggest off note was the anachronistic costuming… I guess this was the obligatory bow a playwright must make to the reigning gods of postmodernism.
– Joe Davidson, Silver Spring, MD

Dear Ari,
Just came back from Theater j and wanted to tell you how much we loved the show. We are in the Storahtelling Troupe at Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Synagogue and can appreciate the effort, the creativity, the talent, and the midrach that went into this production. I do not understand the critics who didn’t take to it. We thought it was brilliant and wish that it had had a better run. It is Washington’s loss that it didn’t. All the best and keep up the good work.
– Tamar Lieberman