The View From Los Angeles

A free plane ticket has taken me out west for the weekend to wish a happy belated 50th birthday to my friend, Greg Germann, and to see a couple plays out here.  It so happens I’ll be seeing our dear librettist of DAVID, Yehuda Hyman as well, who lost his mother Sara two nights ago.  Sara Hyman, age 91, had a stroke last Monday night at 11 pm.  Yehuda found out only hours after reading the first wave of reviews.  Instead of hanging on the East Coast and returning to Theater J this weekend, Yehuda’s sister implored Yehuda to fly back immediately.  He did.  And he spent the last days of his mother’s life by his side, and was with her when she took her last breath.  Yehuda will be sitting shiva for her this week, beginning tomorrow, and I’ll stop by before going to the new evening of Mamet one-acts at the Kirk Douglass Theatre.  

What kind of week has it been for dear Yehuda?  For all of us?  A sad time. A beautiful play, a labor of such devotion; a hostile reception; the loss of thousands upon thousands of dollars; empty seats… And still the fellowship; the friendship; the music; the dance; the company; the beauty; the making of something that will last beyond the sadness; a legacy….

Shall we reflect more on the meaning of all this labor; all this tumult; all this sadness; and longing for wholeness?  Yes, we shall; we will.  We will rise. Life will be beautiful again.  We will sing.  And dance.  Here we go.  The night calls…