Guess What? We’re Still in Tech!

Who, me?  Worry?  Nah, not yet.  Why not?
Because my daughter, Sophie, who sat through 29 hours of tech this weekend with me, 28 of which were spent on the first act of our show–all this happening while Kate is in Russia–assures me that after seeing the Act I run-through of DAVID on Sunday night, that everything is going to turn out quite wonderfully.  After spending the weekend teching the first act, we felt it pretty crucial that we run act one with all the new elements that were introduced during tech–new cuts, new staging, new costumes (and quick costume changes), new integration of band and singers–we did what we needed to do, which is to say, we went slowly and methodically through our scenes and, as a result, we didn’t finished our work on Act II.  So we’re late for where we’d scheduled ourselves to be.  

And so we’ve pushed back first preview to Saturday night, May 10.  It’s a miracle that we can do this, without impacting much at all on our official press opening of May 18.  In short, we’ve decided to not begin sharing this show until we’re really ready to do so and this particular schedule–unlike virtually all others that we set up–allows us to be this flexible! Our Pay-What-You-Can performance of DAVID is pushed back to Sunday, May 11 at 8 pm.

Here’s a wonderfully supportive email from our Theater J Council Co-Chair, Irene Wurtzel:

Sounds like it’s an excellent move to postpone. Give the birth all the love and care you can, and if it takes a bit longer to see daylight, that might be a very good thing.