And Who’d Have Thunk We’d Make The Post This Way?

With picture and everything!


Apparently it’s news when a MAJOR THEATER like us drops a preview or two to keep working. Not only do we get ink; we get a pic in the paper, with Lawrence Redmond in knee pads!  Oh, the sweet success of unintended consequences…  Or wait; should we feel badly for negative publicity?

Not in this case. Catching the company in choreographed pose is just too interesting. And that Washington Post photographer in rehearsal was, in the end, something of a coup; or at least a very good thing. Let it be known, this article seems to be saying implicitly: This show is huge – a major effort – and one, we all believe, will be a thoroughly thrilling, worthwhile adventure for audiences.  

(Note, the rehearsal photo comes with this caption — Publication Date: 2008-05-06 – NEGATIVE# josephm 201107–SLUG-st/david–DATE-04/29/08– Washington, DC-PHOTOGRAPHER-MARVIN JOSEPH/TWP– Celia Wren is writing a feature on the play “David in Shadow and Light” which is coming up at Theater J. She will focus on the dance/choreography aspect of the show. Synopsis of the play: “An epic musical retelling of King David’s astonishing trajectory from boy shepherd to superstar ruler to aging king.”) 

AND P.S. MORE INK FROM THE POST: (from last weekend’s Sunday Source)


[ON STAGE] Lest you worry that David in Shadow and Light will be just another biblical musical along the lines of The Prince of Egypt, set your mind at ease. Yes, it’s a musical retelling of the life of King David, but Theater J has assembled an amazing team of actors and dancers for this stunning and strange world premiere. They tell David’s story partially through dance sequences, framed by the commentary of an archangel and Adam (yes, that Adam), who watch David’s life from above. So it’s a postmodern Biblical musical, which is something you probably don’t have enough of in your life.

Opens Wednesday. Through June 22. Theater J, 1529 16th St. NW. $20-$55. 800-494-8497.

— Sunday Source staff