The Special Theater J Issue of American Theatre Hits the Newsstands

Got this funny, sweet note from director Richard Stein who ran Laguna Playhouse for 17 years and has a great piece on the IsraDrama Festival of last December in this month’s issue of American Theatre Magazine.

I lost count of how many times Theater J was mentioned, you were quoted, productions by Theater J were cited, etc, in the new AMERICAN THEATRE I just received today!

The issue, dedicated to the theater’s response to the Palestinian Israeli conflict is available on line beginning May 1 but, with 8 great long articles spanning some 30+ pages, it’s really worth picking up a copy at your local Borders or Barnes & Noble. As Rick points out, Theater J’s got lots of contributions to the overall subject, with good pix of Motti Lerner, Sinai Peter, our production of PANGS OF THE MESSIAH, and a production shot from PLONTER, coming to us in March of 2009. Beyond that, I think there’s mention of Aaron Davidman’s A JERUSALEM BETWEEN US and Laila Buck’s IN THE CROSSING and, well, perhaps much more.

Tonight’s the designer run of DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT. And Thursday night’s the wandelprobe (actors in a musical or opera being joined by the band/orchestra for the very first time — like a Sitzprobe, but with the singers strolling about the stage to their approximate blocking). So we’ll be seeing, and then really hearing the musical in a continuous flow for the first time since rehearsals began (way back on March 25).

Last night was the Helen Hayes Awards bash. Many, many of our artists participating in DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT were up for acting and design awards (Will Gartshore, Donna Migliaccio, Lawrence Redmond, Bobby Smith). As with our PANGS OF THE MESSIAH nominations (for Motti and Alexander Strain), none won (though they are all Major Winners in our book). Matt Pearson, our extraordinary David, was on stage for much of the evening as one of 5 great young singers who took the place of a single host for the event. Matt did great. And two of our DAVID designers, Colin Bills (lights) and Reggie Ray (costumes) took home awards for their work at Woolly Mammoth and Studio Theatre respectively.

A fun (dumb) evening, as usual. They do put on a great party. Very generous of them. The awards themselves? Not so ecumenically parceled out. But that’s okay. We were in good company. In all senses.

Look for more updates as we move DAVID onto the stage. And hopefully, we’ll hear from some of our cast members, now that they’re totally mastered composer Daniel Hoffman’s wildly ambitious score.