Lots of Good News

The Price closed last Friday.  It broke every box office record we ever had.  Big audience.  Big art.  Big drama.  Big royalties to pay.  We did great.  Couldn’t be happier.

And wasn’t Passover fun?  Anyone stopped up yet from all the matzah?  In our house in Chicago, we eat so much kampot (stewed fruit) that constipation is literally impossible. Well, not literally.  It just doesn’t.  Generally happen.  

Who didn’t have Passover off?  The hard-working cast and creative team of DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT, that’s who.  A hats off to the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange choreographers and, in particular, Shula Strassfeld (sister of Reconstructionist Rabbi and brilliant new Passover haggadah author, Michael Strassfeld) for working over the weekend — but not violating the holiday (technically) — at least Shula was able to walk right over to the Dance Exchange studios and continue rehearsing with our dancing ensemble.

Tonight, the band practiced in their first rehearsal.  They are not to be believed.  Would you like their names?  Next time, I’ll pass on their links to some brilliant MySpace pages.  Run throughs ‘a coming by the weekend, our final week before getting set for tech.  What a huge beautiful difficult radiant show it will be.

And tomorrow, we have our season listed in Backstage.  Let’s hope they’re able to get PLONTER in. There were some questions of space earlier in the day… Fingers crossed…