Greetings from Oberlin Redux

We’re back in the heartland at the same Econolodge, ten miles off campus, proud of our Isabel who had her collegiate choreography debut this weekend at Oberlin Spring Dance show. One of 6 dances accepted — very rare for a freshman to get picked — she led a team of 8 dancers in her most accomplished piece ever – How to describe it? Oh, I won’t — I’m just the dad; the proud papa — the music was Idan Reichel’s Bo-ee (Come To Me) and it’s a long, six and a half minute fusion of African and Israel/Mizrachi urgently rhythmicm dynamic little suite of multiple movements. There’s a lot to listen to and ton to see in, well, just an incredibly pleasing display of moving together and separately, with amazing leaps and break-outs and circular passing from partner to partner. The audience of 250 dug the hell out of it and we be very, very happy. Worth the drive out and the drive back and the incredibly shitty weather. All to behold the birth of a double major: Comparative Lit and Dance. Well, that’s this month. Many more chapters to come.

We drive back today. Will take in Gary Sloan’s last performance taking over for Walter Franz in THE PRICE. John Prosky returns from shooting (and being shot in) THE MEDIUM as we close out our record-breaking run with five week-day shows Tuesday through Friday, closing on April 18 at noon in advance of Passover beginning Saturday night.

And the rehearsals for DAVID keeping going beautifully. We’ll have much more to report next week.

And we’ll list the new season here Wednesday, just after I talk wit Jane Horwitz from The Post. It’s a great line-up of shows and we’re getting some amazing artists on board as we speak, as we type, as we drive; the new season keeps taking shape and picking up brilliance along the road.

Until we return…