And Guess What? We’re Still Making Theater Too!

We take a break from the boycott banter — even as our friends at American Theatre grab hold of this tiger by the tail and pow-wow, wondering how this cat leaped out of its bag so ferociously. The fine folks of AT still have a May issue on the Middle East to edit; a big one; this topic will be but a sidebar, or close to that. We’ve unfairly pre-empted their presentation, perhaps. They sent out a private survey; I wrote back impassioned and shared it with a list. Bad me. Big mouth. I’ve talked with Randy Gener – we’re straight, but i’ve made his life more difficult this week. Glad for the traction; for the range of discussants. But we beat American Theatre to the discussion; and they’re the ones who were convening it! (So I feel bad, a bit.)

But tonight it’s about late night jottings following a first read-through of our world premiere DAVID IN SHADOW AND LIGHT, the story of King David’s astonishing trajectory, written by Yehuda Hyman and put to music by Daniel Hoffman. In our version of this post-modern rendition, David’s our version of a political Tiger Woods; the Barack Obama of the bible on the rise; our Elliot Spitzer once he stumbles. Once we thought it was the Bill Clinton story writ large. We’re thinking of President Bill a little differently these days. How sad is that?

And how good is this project?

Spectacularly so. Really, I’m so proud of it. And excited for it to be staged. And then shared.

While THE PRICE, that juggernaut, rolls on, reaping in wonderful contributions, both financial and spiritual; raking in audience and box office. And tomorrow, Gary Sloan takes over the role of Walter Franze for the week. It’ll be a big night for him tomorrow.

He must be nervous, but he’ll be great. I’m only exhausted and too tired to go on waxing happy about the new show; about how great our production of DAVID is going to be.

But you read it here first, so write it down: DAVID will break your heart. And fill it full.

Okay to bed. Has this boycott bizness toned down? Perhaps. It was good fun excitement while it lasted. Now back to our regularly scheduled dramas…

(or hell, keep the controversies coming — our readership has spiked super high — rather gratifying…)


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