Comment from Aref Dajani

And now to hear from another pillar in our Peace Cafe community — hell, forget pillar — call him the bulwark, the I-Beam, the anchor, the mast, the prod, the flagpole, Aref Dajani.

I speak as a Palestinian-American in Diaspora who grew up in a Jewish community hearing competing narratives, and today lives within walking distance of a Lubavitcher Center. I would be delighted if more Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans would reply to this blog, but seeing as none have, you’re going to hear from me.

Ari my brother and fellow artist, I read the responses with great interest, first over e-mail and then over the blog. I read the NAMES of the respondents with greater interest. How many Jews would you sincerely expect to advocate a cultural boycott of Israel? I care less how diverse you claim the politics of the Jewish community to be. Double snore. Before I share my comments as a Palestinian-American who sings professionally and has performed at the DC JCC, personal notes are in order to two respondents on this blog:

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