And There’s More… (raves, that is)

“There are moments in the theater…like in the heavens…when everything converges to create a moment that is memorable for a lifetime. Such an event is happening now at Theater J where Miller’s “The Price” is being performed by the Prosky family. “The Price” might be compared to a combination of biblical stores…pretend that King Solomon is handling a dispute that arises when a prodigal (but hightly successful) son returns to confront his dutiful (somewhat of a loser) brother. Never was there a more perfect choice for the used furniture dealer than Robert Prosky as Gregory Solomon. The wit and wisdom that he brings to the role comes from over 50 years of theater. His sons, Andy and John, are convincing actors as sons as they argue over their choices in life and the price that came with that… even as they reminisce over the family stash of stuff to be disposed of. Leisa Mather is excellent as a wife of one brother. Special credit goes to scenic designer Robert Kramer who created a visual collage of old furniture that is so symbolic of the junk we collect in our memories. Once again Theater J has fulfilled its mission of a thought-provoking and heartfelt drama…one that should be seen particularly by everyone who has ever lived in a family setting where decisions must be made.” (To 4/18)

(All Arts Review 4 U- Reviewed by Celia Sharpe)