Cast and Director of SPRING FORWARD… Remember Bill

Dear Ari,
I was deeply saddened by your news. I thank you most sincerely for taking responsibility to convey to folks like me who would have remained clueless.
I found myself thinking about Bill a lot over the weekend. Such a fine human being. I’m very grateful for the time I was allowed to share with him, even as I am haunted by his absence. Theatre. Strange. He will always be frozen in my memory wearing my bathrobe on your stage, bringing such tremendous heart to that role…the great surprise of the production! I will miss him.
Yours with love and best wishes, always,
Wes Savick (director)

Dear Ari…
What a shock. The beautiful, elegant, gifted, kind Bill…my father, my husband, my colleague, my friend. I will drink a martini tonight in his honor.
What a season of despair this has been…With deep thanks and love,

Dear Ari,Thank you for passing along the sad news about Bill. I’ve been thinking about him a lot, and I will remember him as one of the warmest, most giving, joyful people I have ever known; someone taking pleasure in life’s small, beautiful things and preserving those intricacies in his photos, videos, stories, and aura. To have known Bill and to have worked with him was truly an honor.
Much love and best wishes to you,
Anne Petersen (actor)


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  1. I just heard about Bill’s death. I only just met him last May when he made my on-paper Roderigo Lopez come very much to life at Theatre J. I’m as certain as I can be that Bill will live again, in countless little ways, every time that play is mounted in the future. He was so generous; he made me feel like a writer.

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