25 QUESTIONS Closes With Huge Surge!

Refer back to the January 31st entry here and read the shockingly frank revelations: I dared to share our box office nut — the number we needed to break even — and I shared it the day that The Post review came out. An expensive show for a famous performer in a show with a title that rubbed some people the wrong way, so who knew how we’d do?

You wanna know how we did (as we stand just minutes before our final performance — and our 4th sold out show in a row)? We did HUGE. We did big. We did (for us) Bonanza! Careful readers will note that this follows up on the nice news we had coming out of SHLEMIEL when we also exceeded projected box office. But now we’re doing it by about $17,000! Which, again, is just great for us. And a relief.

And reason to rejoice. Amid the sad news of the week — the general inflammability of the world — it’s nice to return to our super-charged cocoon that looks out onto the world and feel like we’re evolving in all the right ways.

We are evolving in all the right ways.

And Judy Gold left this theater in better shape than when she found it, so we’re grateful to her; her family; her producing team. For this was one very happy experience. And now to open the show… And later tonight, Oscar PARTY!!!