Goodbye to a Dear Friend

 The Chosen

Local actor and Theater J friend Bill Hamlin passed away yesterday morning. He was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in January. Bill had been a regular on our stage apearing in six productions (The Chosen, Last Seder, a Helen Hayes Award nomination for The Mad Dancers, Hannah and Martin, Picasso’s Closet and Spring Forward, Fall Back) and numerous readings.

Theater J production manager, Delia Taylor visited him in the hospital last week bringing to him a photo book filled with pictures from his time on stage. Here is what she had to say,

He still has his white beard, but his wonderful head of hair is gone–he sports a cute gray cap. He is visibly weaker, but his eyes are still bright and his spirit intact. We talked and laughed (about our putting him in a diaper on stage among other things). He was I think very pleased with the pictures and delighted that we have them in our archives and said “This guy looks like a real actor!” of himself. Were it not so heartbreaking, it would have been a joy to see him.

His charge to us is to “Carry on!”


3 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Dear Friend

  1. Ah, Reb Bill, my entire family mourns you. A gracious, fun, full, loving man as well as a talented actor. A great loss for us all.
    With deepest respect and a bottomless sense of grief…

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