What Defines A Jewish Mother Part #4

Did you tell us what you think about Jewish Mothers?  A sampling of the wit and wisdom we have been collecting will be presented following the Sunday matinee of 25 QUESTIONS FOR A JEWISH MOTHER.

If you have your own opinions on Jewish Mothers please share in the comments below or email Tellari@theaterj.org. Here are some more of the opinions we’ve received from the audience.

“Jewish mother married to Catholic father = shame and guilt.” – Sue Brady

“Jewish mothers put their children first, but their psychic power is so great that, at the end of the day, there’s still a huge amount left over. Jewish mothers are not afraid to scare away everyone else — as long as they stay close to their children.” – Laurie Kauffman

“Is proud of you but worried when you go to a 7-sister college. Is always worried you’ll catch a cold no matter your age.” – Diane Carrod

“Advice to my boyfriend, now my husband: Remember, from the waist up she’s yours, but …from the waist down she’s mine (Etta Unterberger).” – Rita Cohen

“A true Jewish Mother is someone who purports to care more about her children than herself – or life itself for that matter.” – Phil Zipin