Sometimes I Just Love This Job

And last night, last week, this entire last month, has been one of those times. Between the run-away success of 25 QUESTIONS, the wild love-in styled tribute and gentle ribbing that was our talent-engorged roast/benefit, the huge strides made on BROWNIE POINTS, and all exciting developments concerning projects coming together for next season, this month has been chock full of projects that work and that pulsate with promise.  THE PRICE is running in Philadelphia at The Walnut Street Theatre and I’ve been up to see it twice; can’t wait to bring it down here next month and launch the masterwork with the Prosky family in three of the four roles. 

But the main reason for my waxing ecstatic is the performance last night of Swiss film and stage star, Grazziella Rossi, in the duet for actress and saxophone, the monodrama SABINA SPIELREIN, running for one more night — tonight — at Theater J. 

Check out this amazing clip, in German, to begin to appreciate the intelligent beauty of this performer, who is launching the world premiere of the English-language touring production of this riveting and informing play.

It’s a brilliant, multidimensional portrait of the dynamic, provocative, and important psychiatrist who came from an oppressed family, found health in a transformative treatment as a patient of the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl C Jung, becoming his paramour and generating scandal as well contributing lasting insight into the works of both Jung and Sigmund Freud who borrowed liberally from her lectures on Destruction as the Source of Becoming, and the Death Impulse.  During the course of her dramatic life, she moved from her childhood home of Rostow on the Danube to Zurich, Vienna and Berlin. She lived through the great European tragedies of the first half of the 20th Century and eventually succumbed in 1942 to the Nazis.

The play is brilliantly prismatic, full of variety, and brought to life by, I kid you not, one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, star of Swiss stage and cinema, who also founded and still helps manage a literary theater in Zurich.  If you want to really appreciate what  an amazingly creative month it’s been for us at Theater J (and you’re feeling badly that you missed BROWNIE POINTS last week), come tonight at 7:30.

Tickets are $25 at the door — $20 in advance —  We had 140 in the house last night (a great many from the Jung Society, a great new audience for us).

Do come see a very special performance. or call 202 237-8109