What Defines A Jewish Mother Part #2

Throughout the run of 25 QUESTIONS FOR A JEWISH MOTHER we are asking our audience to share with us what they think makes a Jewish mother a “Jewish Mother.” Over the course of the run I will be posting the responses we get here on the blog. If you have your own opinions on Jewish Mothers please share in the comments below or email Tellari@theaterj.org

“A Jewish Mother has every Jewish, Kosher, Yiddish Cookbook on the market. Including Kosher Chinese, Jewish Vegetarian, Hadassah Holiday Cookbook plus every book Joan Nathan, from Washington DC, ever published!” – Sheila Chodorov

“Asking her partner (not her child), as she’s walking out the door, ‘Aren’t you going to be cold in that?'”- Lara Ballard

“A Jewish Mother is the only one in the playgroup who peels the grapes and cuts them in half so their precious toddler won’t choke G-d forbid.” – Jan Golden

“I went to China to travel..and had a stomach ache. I called my mom and must have mentioned it to her because a few days later she had the embassy track me down at an obscure hotel, worried about me.” – Jodi Lipson

“How come now that I’m in my own house I still have to do things your way?” – Sandra

“Hairless Polar Bear separated from her cub -Or- Conviction in the unlimited potential of her progeny and the guilt that goes with it!” – Anonymous

“1. Thinking wearing a mop as a wig for your 3rd grade play is a good idea. 2. Is the only licensed doctor without an accredited MD degree with the philosophy of “Walk it off” 3. Thinks you are perfect and that everyone else is just ‘jealous’ of you. Kenihori!” – Melinda

“She’s the one who cared enough to send the very best – salami, to me in the Army in Panama in the 1960s.” – Vic Miller

“My mother has an unending, unyielding sense of pride for her children, love for them no matter what they do or what happens to them. She is overprotective, overbearing, opinionated, loud, loving, funny, fabulous, and there is no one like her. I love her with all my heart” – Donna Kerner