A Little Roast

Last night was a very late night over at Theater J.  Staff, Theater J artists, friends and supporters teamed together to make fun of Artistic Director Ari Roth.  

The roasts came from all around the world with Theodore Bikel writing from Amsterdam and Tom Keneally from Australia. They also came from within the building as the staff, including myself, performed a rewritten version of Cell Block Tango from Chicago…”He had it coming.” You can see the list of the many, many, participants here

The new 16th Street J blog has some coverage as well, check over there for the transcribed Ode To Ari by Robert Brustein. I’ll try to put some more roasts up on the blog as the week goes on, if Ari lets me, perhaps he will even agree to post his lyrics from his rebuttal.

In the meantime here is one of the video testimonials that played last night:


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