What Defines A Jewish Mother?

Throughout the run of 25 QUESTIONS FOR A JEWISH MOTHER we are asking our audience to share with us what they think makes a Jewish mother a “Jewish Mother.” Over the course of the run I will be posting the responses we get here on the blog. If you have your own opinions on Jewish Mothers please share in the comments below or email Tellari@theaterj.org.

“You want to not disappoint her without her ever having to say anything” -Debbi Yaffe

“Jewish mother’s- They remind you the goyim had to make a holiday in May just so you would think of her one day a year. Surprisingly, there’s never been born a woman good enough to marry her thoughtless son.” – Harold Dorfman

“Let me make a suggestion” – Allison Zelinger

“Someone who truly believes that you couldn’t possiblysurvive without her reminding you to wear a coat or take your umbrella…even though you’re 35 years old and you’ve been out of the house for at least a decade! Someone who’s sweet and loving and thoughtful and will always be your sharpest critic, but unconditional and biggest fan and advocate.” – Victoria Wigodzky

“The nagging, kids in therapy, don’t forget your hat and gloves even when your 40 years old” – Anonymous

 “Persistence, Devotion, Crazy (a little). You have certain ideals that you want to install in your children. A strong level of devotion.”  – Anonymous

“A Jewish Mother is a woman endowed with Biblical wisdom” – Harold Sharlin